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Archer Farms Organic Cereal

9 Jun

These products are available at Super Target stores across the USA. We really like the smart packaging and the contents aren’t too shabby either. I am especially fond of the High Fiber and Musli varieties. But I am apparently not the only one since those flavors are increasingly difficult to find. The boxes are very sturdy and easily re-sealed with the hinged, snap-on plastic lid. These cereals have been on sale lately (either 2 for $6 or 2 for $7 depending on the varieties you choose). Heard a nasty rumor that Target was going to discontinue the entire line after reaching a massive distribution deal with Kashi. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. Hey, I love my Kashi just as much as the next tree-hugging hippie freak — but what’s the harm in a little “healthy” competition?

Boscoli Olive Salad

9 Jun

If you can’t make it to Central Grocery in New Orleans for their world-renowned muffuletta sandwich, there’s no need to fret. We have been able to concoct a reasonable facsimile right here at home thanks to the fine folks at Boscoli. They make the definitive olive salad, which is a must for the perfect muffuletta. Get some good french bread or some hoagie rolls, add lots of ham and hard salami, a couple slabs of provolone cheese, and top with a generous helping of Boscoli olive salad.

Boscoli olive salad is also a tremendous addition to homemade pasta salad. Give it a try sometime. The olive salad comes in 16 oz, 32 oz, and 128 oz containers. I suggest you think big because this stuff is addictive and crazy delicious.  Order some online at or ask for it at your local gourmet shop. Some mega-mart grocers carry it, most don’t. Bummer.