Ceres Fruit Juices are awesome!

8 Jun

Here is another line of products we think you will enjoy. Ceres Fruit Juices are packaged in South Africa. They offer some pretty exotic stuff including 100% mango, passion fruit, guava, papaya, and the ever-popular litchi fruit. All come in special Tetra Brik aseptic cartons to preserve freshness. It’s all not as expensive as you might think – about $3 and change for each 34 oz. container. Best of all, it’s all fruit juice with no added sugars, etc. Give this recipe a try — if you can find these products in your area.

Passion Fruit Crush

1 cup Ceres Passion Fruit Juice
Scoop of crushed ice
1 passion fruit
1 tsp honey
Sparkling mineral water

Pour Ceres juice into cocktail shaker. Half the passion fruit and hollow out the fruit from the shell. Add to the shaker along with the crushed ice and honey. Shake vigorously to blend all ingredients. Pour the crushed ice mixture into two glass tumblers. Top up with sparkling mineral water. Use edible flower of you choice to garnish. Serves 2.

Learn more about Ceres or purchase online at www.ceresjuices.com

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