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Cornpone Humor

6 Jun

People not from the South often wonder aloud about the origins of “Hee Haw.” Their answer is in clips like this one from the semi-legendary Lonzo & Oscar (intro by the terrific Marty Robbins). I just found a great old LP at my local Goodwill store. It’s on the long-forgotten Guest Star label and is entitled “Greatest Comedy Stars of the Grand Ole Opry.” It also includes bits by Homer & Jethro, Cousin Jody, Brother Oswald. Fun stuff and a bargain at just 99 cents. As I have said many times before, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure!”  

Cheers for Chipper … and Jeff Kent

6 Jun

Chipper unloads Homer #400 in Atlanta

Chipper Jones is having a dream season. He just hit career homer #400. Batting well over .400. Pretty darn impressive. Most baseball folks in the know consider Jones a can’t miss Hall of Famer. But Jeff Kent of the LA Dodgers has 373 lifetime bombs and no one seems to be preparing a place for him in Cooperstown. Let’s take a quick look at their career numbers for comparison’s sake. Keep in mind that Kent was born in ’68, Jones in ’72.

Kent – 2,227 G, 1,298 Runs, 2,383 Hits, 543 Doubles, 47 Triples, 373 HR, 1,486 RBI, .289 Avg.

Chipper – 1,951 G, 1,339 Runs, 2,206 Hits, 436 Doubles, 34 Triples, 400 HR, 1,338 RBI, .310 Avg. 

I’m not saying Kent is better. Just trying to say he is vastly underrated.

Let’s give him his due!

Jeff Kent – Man of Mystery

Good Summer Brew

6 Jun

Just discovered Longboard Lager at Morton’s Market in Sarasota. Really good stuff. It’s brewed by the Kona Brewing Company in Hawaii. You can learn more about them by visiting their first-class web site at . You should be able to locate it at your local gourmet grocer or the closest beer and wine superstore. If not, contact the folks at Kona Brewing Company and ask for their assistance. Aloha!

Yellow Rat Snake

6 Jun

Spotted this slimy beast outside our front door last night. I was taking the dog out for a quick leak and we startled the snake, sending it slithering under the next door neighbors fence. It was almost bright yellow, although the floodlights outside our house may have exaggerated the snake’s hue. My estimate put it at about 4 feet in length. I guess living in paradise means co-existing with all sorts of creepy critters — both in and out of the water.