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Unique evening in the surf

30 May

It was a unique evening in the surf today. Tons of little silver minnows in the shallow water. These fish would occasionally leap out of the water and then twist and turn their way back down to the surface like an Acapulco cliff diver. One even landed squarely on my face while I was floating on my back in about 4 feet of water. The minnows attracted an unbelievable number of shorebirds including assorted gulls, brown pelicans, and orange-billed royal terns. I got a little nervous at one point as the birds hovered directly overhead. Got me thinking about the old Alfred Hitchcock flick, “The Birds.” A pelican recently attacked a lady swimming in the surf and she ended up with 20 odd stitches in her melon. If a pelican tries that mess on me, it’ll end up as BBQ pelican breast on our evening dinner table. Sorry, PETA!

The always-hungry brown pelican