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Summer means homemade popsicles

23 May

Nope — we aren’t going to buy the pre-made variety from the local grocer. Not that they’re bad. Many are pretty tasty. But most are pricey and filled with lots of added sugar and other funky stuff our bodies don’t really need. Try this little trick. Buy one of the popsicle trays like the one shown below and fill them up with 100% fruit juice. This particular batch (see below) includes pomegranate juice, ruby red grapefruit juice, and a pineapple/banana blend from Dole. They are totally deelish, refreshing, and 100% guilt free. Have a 2nd one if you want — and you will want!

Here is the link to buy your own Sip-A-Pop:

Don’t Sing This One in the Shower, guys

23 May

Was at the YMCA the other day. I had just finished my workout and I was dressing in the locker room. I heard some dude in the shower whistling (very loudly) this sappy hit tune from the 70s. All I could think was “Are you kidding me?” And just when I thought he was finally finished, he started all over again — this time in a higher key. The guys around me were chuckling and it was all I could do to not bust out laughing.  

Not the most manly thing to hum, sing, or whistle in a mens locker room. Can you imagine an NFL player doing such a thing? His teammates would laugh him out of the league. So be mindful of what you whistle, guys. People are listening … and judging you. If you must whistle loudly, whistle something manly, will you? Like maybe the theme from “The Bridge Over the River Kwai.” Any other suggestions for manly locker room whistling?  

Old School Games

23 May

Sometimes I have to remind my kids that life did exist prior to video games.

A favorite childhood memory is the classic Rock’em Sock’em Robots game (picture seen below).

Good fun!

We have a 1996 reproduction here at the beach pad, but it appears authentic in every way. It still falls apart if you get a bit too rough with it (take note of the sagging ropes). And even if it gathers dust most of the year, it’s fun to look at and recall when life was a lot less complicated.

Fresh Herbs are the best

23 May

It’s hard to go back to store bought herbs once you begin growing your own. We have started our own herb garden here on Siesta Key — with fresh mint and basil leading the charge. We’ll be using the mint for iced tea, Mojitos, and Indian dishes. The basil will be saved for my homemade pizza and my nearly world-famous pasta bake. The mint started slowly, but really took off after the recent rains. The basil is doing great, but requires a lot of H20. 

That’s the mint on the bottom — can’t you smell it???