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Speed Bump or Speed Hump?

20 May

Is it one in the same or is there a difference between the two? I had always heard SPEED BUMP, but not here in Florida. Maybe a Speed Hump is a larger, more menacing Speed Bump? Perhaps a Speed Bump is a kindler, gentler Speed Hump? Any idea? Or are you saying to yourself, “Honestly, I couldn’t care less.”

A) A Speed Hump from Barco Products                        

B) Daddy, Momma and Baby Speed Bump (Barco)

I have also noticed signs down here that warn, “TRAFFIC CALMING AHEAD.” Seems like TRAFFIC SLOWING AHEAD would make more sense … unless they’re now using Valium as a gas additive.

“I Couldn’t Care Less”

20 May

This phrase drives me nuts — because most people do not use it properly. More often than not, you hear people say “I could care less.” I heard it again this morning on ESPN’s Sport Center. Well, if someone COULD care less, then that means that they do care at some level. The proper “I COULDN’T care less” makes a lot more sense … meaning there is nothing in the world they care any less about.

Take it for what it’s worth. If you’re going to keep this one in your bag of verbal tricks, please use it correctly. And thanks for caring enough to read today’s rant. Humor me, people!