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Old Blue Eyes with Antonio Carlos Jobim

19 May

Saw this clip on TCM recently — didn’t even know it existed. A great meeting of musical masters! Frank was at the top of his hipster game and Jobim had recently introduced bossa nova to the masses.

Enjoy the clip … and get this CD or LP if you can find it.


What exactly is a Vandella?

19 May

My wife and I were listening to an FM oldies station over the weekend — lots of great sonic memories from the Golden Age of radio.  

“Dancing in the Streets” by Martha Reeves and the Vandellas. That was one tune that really tickled the old nostalgia bone (it’s right next to the funny bone). That got us asking ourselves, “What in the hella is a Vandella?” Neither one of us had a clue, so we turned to Wikipedia.

This is what we found:  

Among the Amharic speakers of North Central Ethiopia, a vandella is one of several types of ghost-walking or dream-invading demons/vampires, somewhat similar to a succubus or the vetala of India. Charming, huh? I guess Supremes was already taken and Berry Gordy was in a hurry to get the record out.

They don’t look all that scary, do they?

We also heard a number of one hit wonders … including Starbuck’s “Moonlight Feels Right,” and Spiral Starecase with “More Today Than Yesterday.” The Ides of March with “Vehicle,” “Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl)” by Looking Glass,  … I could go on and on. Hey, I was an FM boss jock in the ’80s and many of these songs are seared into my memory banks.

What act is your favorite one-hit wonder? Weigh in here for the world to see.

Grab Yourself a Pasty — they’re brilliant!

19 May

Never knew much about these treats — some call them “British Soul Food.”

Imagine a savory meat turnover or maybe a pot pie in a more portable form.

There is a great place here in Sarasota that I would highly recommend. They will even mail you a few pasties if you can’t make the trip down this way. The eatery is called 4 & 20 Pasty Company and it’s located in an otherwise non-descript strip center on Swift Road. Just look for the Union Jack flying proudly overhead. The British couple who run the place are wonderful as well — very friendly and always helpful. They love what they do and it shows. You can taste the TLC in their food too!

My favorite pasty flavor is the Chicken Tikka Masala — stuffed with chicken, yogurt and Indian spices. The Shepherd’s Pie version (ground beef, onion, and potato filled and served up with a dark brown dipping sauce) is also extremely tasty. Each pasty runs about $6. They’re a meal in themselves.   

Give ’em a try or seek out a similar eatery in your neck of the woods.  You won’t be sorry. mate! Visit them online at

Rain in Florida??? Get out!

19 May

Yup — it is finally raining here. It feels like it has been about 2 months since our last rain of any measurable amount. I know we need it, but it’s a shock to the system when there is such a lengthy gap between downpours. The humidity is becoming more noticeable with each passing day … guess summer is on the way. Bring on the heat … a refreshing dip in the Gulf of Mexico is just footsteps away!

Here, in case you’re wondering, is the annual weather detail for Siesta Key:

JANUARY 72 51 63 2.6″
FEBRUARY 74 57 64 1.5″
MARCH 77 57 68 4.3″
APRIL 81 59 74 1.01″
MAY 87 68 78 2.8″
JUNE 89 73 83 5.0″
JULY 92 75 86 7.9″
AUGUST 91 74 87 5.4″
SEPTEMBER 89 73 85 7.8″
OCTOBER 85 68 79 4.5″
NOVEMBER 80 69 72 2.0″
DECEMBER 73 59 67 1.91″

Low 58%