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Hokie Softball

18 May

It’s hard to believe — but I am actually getting into the NCAA Women’s Softball Tourney. It helps that my alma mater is making some serious waves. I actually watched the Va Tech vs. Tennessee game on ESPN 2 yesterday (Saturday). Never thought I’d see the day when the Hokie ladies were on national TV … and that I would be leaping off the sofa and cheering out loud as Tech’s # 9 hitter blasted a grand slam to put away the Lady Vols. Guess my Hokie Pride has reached a new level of enthusiasm. Hokie Hokie Hokie High!

The picture seen below is OF Caroline Stolle, who swatted the game winning blast. You go, girl!

Orioles vs. Nationals (Part 1)

18 May

That means civil war in our household. I’m from the DC area … Eileen is from the Baltimore area. She’s not a huge baseball fan, but that doesn’t stop us from some good natured ribbing when the Nats and O’s meet on the diamond. The O’s have taken the first 2 games of the 6 to be played this year. But I do have to point out that the first 3 games are being played at Camden Yards (the Orioles home turf). I have tried to get sons Austin and Travis to side with me, yet they have tried very hard to remain neutral. Austin says he hates it when the Nats and O’s play because it’s confusing and he “doesn’t like to see Mom and Dad scrap.” It’s really not that bad, but bragging rights are not to be taken too lightly around here.

Here are a few pictures of longtime Nats fans.

How could you possibly cheer for the O’s vs. the Nationals? Un-American!