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Sand Dollars Galore

17 May

If they were only real bucks — we would be loaded! They are amazing creatures. We only harvest the dead ones and throw back the live ones. How can we tell the difference? The dead ones are very brittle and white or eggshell in color. The live ones are dark green, are soft to the touch and have fuzzy little hairs (actually spines or cilia) all over their — bodies??? Pretty cool little beasts. You can see the tiny hairs moving as you cradle the creatures in your hand. Check out these images — wanna buy a few???

***Note: The ones you buy at the seaside tourist traps are bleached white.


Best Pie on the Key, baby!

17 May

Had a great day today — spent a lot of time in the surf. Tide was out this evening and I scored about 50 sand dollars to add to our collection. Also got in a good workout at the Y and capped the day with some crisp vino and a pepperoni pie from Solorzano Brothers (a couple of good old Jersey boys) right here on Siesta Key. It’s the best pie around … although their delivery service often moves on island time. Eileen picked up the pizza just to make sure it arrived at our beach pad hot and bubbly.

Keep it up, boys — you are a true asset to the island life.

The Good Life

17 May

I was just sitting here thinking … life here on Siesta Key is pretty darn swell.

Wonder what the poor folks are doing?

God bless you, Bob Mondavi. You will be missed.

Good for Josh Hamilton

17 May

 Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers continues to tear up the American League. He went 5 for 5 with 2 HRs yesterday vs. Houston. Hamilton now leads the AL in almost every offensive category. He played with the Reds (the team I now work for) last season and I should be bitter about the result of this trade … but I’m not and here’s why. The trade truly benefited both teams. The Reds got a quality starter in Edinson Volquez, who is also off to an outstanding start. The Reds outfield picture was jammed up with Griffey, Adam Dunn, and future star Jay Bruce. Hamilton, on the other hand, has seemingly worked through his well-documented personal demons and is now on his way to superstardom. ***Note to Josh — I still think the forearm tattoos are ridiculous.

All that being said, I am extremely disappointed in the off-season trade between the Nats and the Mets. I am a DC area native and have followed the Nationals closely since their Inaugural Season. The Nats gave away a Gold Glove caliber catcher (Schneider) and talented OF Ryan Church for Lastings Milledge, a young OF often accompanied by a ton of hype. Milledge has really struggled in Washington while Church is putting up All Star numbers. Schneider is also performing well — even hitting over .300 at the time of this post. Who knows? Maybe Milledge will develop into the 5-tool player Jim Bowden sees him becoming. But right now it looks like the Nats were taken to the woodshed by a rival within their own division. That is a bitter pill to swallow. And don’t even get me started with Elijah Dukes and Willy Mo Pena — two of the biggest stiffs in all of baseball.